6 sales phrases you can use in real estate


Closing a deal in the sales area may not be as simple as you think, especially when we are talking about a property. Those who work in this field know that it is not just a house that is being sold, but also the dream of homeownership. So it is important to use good sales pitches to be successful in negotiations.

In addition, we know that the real estate market has become something very dynamic in recent years, in which the client is increasingly demanding, which makes its professionals increasingly need to develop differentials to make their sales.

If you made it this far, you are certainly looking for more success in your sales, right? In the same way that you should know the mistakes of approach that you should avoid, it is also worth checking out the 6 best sales arguments to close a deal.

Are you interested? So, check out what they are:

1. Know the AIDA technique

One of the most efficient ways to develop sales pitches is to use the AIDA technique. She is already an old acquaintance of many salespeople, and her acronym means attention, interest, desire and action. Based on these four words, you will begin to formulate your best sales pitch.

Buying a property is serious and needs good research so that the deal is the best possible. Therefore, when finding a potential buyer, using AIDA can be an excellent strategy to conduct your service.

Here is a quick step by step to apply AIDA at this point in the negotiation:

  • first, try to understand the client’s needs in order to look for opportunities that catch their attention;
  • that done, it is time to arouse the  interest of that buyer ;
  • bearing in mind that the broker already knows the client’s profile and what he is looking for, it is possible to present properties and also awaken his desire to live in these places;
  • if you completed the previous steps efficiently, the chances of taking you to the final action are great, making the deal easier to close.

2. Know how to use adversities to your advantage

A good strategy for the good closing of sales is to use the adversities that the customers themselves put in front of the purchase. After all, it is very common for people to get lost when putting the pros and cons of the property in view on the scale.

Therefore, a good salesperson will know how to use those moments in favor of closing the deal. A basic example is to use the expression “but” to achieve your goal. For example, there will be situations where the property will have more cons than pros. In a normal situation, the deal will be far from closed.

Using the “but” correctly, especially when the buyer sees any problem in the property, it will be possible to reverse the situation, offering another point of view or a solution to your questioning.

Obviously, to achieve this, you must know the product you are selling well, in addition to having made a good assessment of the customer’s profile, understanding how he reacts in various situations.

Doing a short interview and knowing what he is looking for in a property is a good start. Thus, you will be able to collect information that can be used to your advantage in sales pitches to close any deal.

3. Understand possible payment options

To close a deal more easily, there is nothing better than knowing which investment is the most suitable for your clients. Every broker has to broker at least two types of people: those who want to sell a property and those who want to buy one.

By being aware of these two categories of customers and their needs, it will be much easier to find the best for all of them – and, of course, for you. This argument not only includes the characteristics of the house, but also the form of payment, an item that can be essential to close or not a deal.

We emphasize that currently,  financing a property has proved to be an excellent way to make the dreams of Brazilians who want to have their own home come true. Therefore, it is essential that you master this subject to know how to guide your buyer.

In this way, the client will feel more secure, as he will know that he has the support of a competent professional who is up to date in relation to the possibilities of a real estate transaction. In many cases, they even expect an analysis of their situation to be carried out to offer the best solution.

Therefore, the combination of the previous arguments plus the understanding of the conditions of the future buyer provides a greater chance of obtaining success in sales.

4. Adapt your language to each customer

Another tip of the argument that is crucial to closing any deal. Understand that each client is unique, bringing with them their personal tastes, their goals and, above all, their way of speaking. Therefore, the ideal home will also be unique for each consumer you serve.

It is important to adapt to each type of potential customer, not only in the way of speaking but also in the way of acting and communicating with him. Remember to optimize the sales process according to the person’s profile. For example, the language used with someone who is single should be different from that with whom you are looking for a property because you are going to get married soon.

In this sense, we suggest using the rapport technique, which is one of the main sales techniques to create a connection and a good relationship with the customer. Know that, if well applied, it will demonstrate an excellent feeling of empathy on the part of the client. That done, he will be more open to hearing what you have to say.

Know that, to create a  rapport, it doesn’t take much, just find something that is important to the client and start a subject related to that. For example, if the client is looking for a property because he intends to get married, you can start a subject by saying that he knows that this challenge is not easy, because he has already been in his place. You see, how simple is it?

In the same way that every broker must know how to argue, he must also know the time when he is being inconvenient or unattractive in his speech. So, you need to have some strategies to get around these situations.

5. Tell stories

It is very difficult to find someone who does not like stories because since our childhood education they are present. The fact is that they arouse curiosity and when they are well told, they generate a good engagement of the listener.

So, when you have an opportunity, use a story to capture the attention of your future customer to take them to the purchase decision stage. You can tell something that happened to you or some pertinent situation that makes sense at the time of the sale, especially if it is related to what you are selling.

Obviously, it is advisable to do this only when an opening of the client to hear this story is noticeable.

6. Ask open-ended questions

A good sale occurs when a good dialogue is developed. So, you need to pay attention to how the conversation with your client can flow better. One of the ways for this to happen is to use open-ended questions, that is, those that show the customer’s opinion, allowing you to understand their needs.

Here is an example of a closed question:

  • “ Are you interested in a property in neighborhood X? 

At that point, the customer can simply answer “no” and close the matter, leaving the broker without arguments. So, the most suitable is to use open questions, here is a new example with this type of question:

  • “ What kind of property are you looking for? 

Realize that this last question allows the client to open up more and show his needs. So, bet on the open questions!

With these 6 sales pitches, you will have a better chance of increasing the closing of your business. Have more success in your sales!

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