8 advantages and benefits of living in a gated community

gated community

Have you thought about living in a condominium? Many people decide to live in this type of housing. To give you an idea, the Brazilian condominium market generates annual revenue of approximately  R $ 165 billion.

Of course, living in a house with a large yard also has its advantages. The problem is that these properties are increasingly rare in large cities. The population increase has changed the way the real estate market started to offer furniture.

This does not mean that living in a condominium is mandatory – or negative. There are several benefits to living in closed condominiums. In fact, there are many condominiums of houses, did you know?

You may also be asking yourself: how much does it cost to live in a gated community? Know that the value of the investment is very low when compared to the advantages obtained through the services provided to the tenants.

To help you understand these benefits, we decided to publish this article. So, read carefully to see if this is the best choice for you. Come on?

1. More security

When we talk about security, we are not just referring to the strategies adopted to combat the action of criminals. We are pointing out the consequence they cause in people’s daily lives: the feeling of security.

Feeling safe is very important. Being able to sleep with the window open, letting the children play on the building block, being warned that someone is waiting at the lobby, etc. Such tranquility is part of the routine of those who choose to live in a condominium.

Of course, it is possible to have security cameras, electric fences, intercom systems, etc. in an ordinary house. The problem is that this generates a very high cost for the resident. If you want to experience a more effective sense of security with less expense, live in a condominium.

2. Complete leisure areas

The houses have their backyards. They can be large or small. In some cases, they do not even exist, as the owner has decided to use all the available space for the construction.

Thus, the residents of the houses depend on public areas, such as parks, woods and courts to be able to have a little leisure in their routines. As we know, this is not possible in all cities or in all neighborhoods.

The condominiums, on the other hand, have leisure areas – even if it is a sports court. Such spaces have always been part of condominium projects. Over the years, they gained reinforcements.

Nowadays, there are condominiums with saunas, swimming pools, spas, gyms etc. It is possible to have the same structure as a club a few floors from your apartment. These perks are also part of home condominium projects.

For those who like to party, there are ballrooms. Large and pleasant spaces for those who want to receive family and friends for a barbecue, for example.

3. More privacy

Privacy is a right that makes people choose condominiums. To start, a stranger can only enter the place if invited by the resident and after passing through the concierge.

In a house, to have a little privacy, the resident will need to build walls, invest in gates and leave the windows always closed. In some cases, if your neighbor lives in a higher property, none of this will do.

In addition, those who live in apartments do not suffer from strangers knocking on their doors all day, in order to sell something or for other purposes. This type of contact, common to the residents of a house, is absent in the routine of residents of closed condominiums.

4. Less noise

Each person has a different daily life. For this reason, a neighbor can seriously harm the rest of the other when he disrespects the Law of Silence. This law states that there should be no noise before eight o’clock in the morning and after ten o’clock at night.

The problem is that when you live in a traditional house, the only authority that can guarantee compliance with this legislation is the Military Police. Therefore, it is up to the citizen to call the authorities asking for a solution.

As we know, the cops have a lot of work to do – meaning they can take hours to get to the scene and put an end to the mess.

On the other hand, whoever chose to live in a condominium has a strong ally when it comes to enforcing respect for the Law of Silence: the bylaws. Residents who fail to comply with internal agreements can be fined and, when they are not owners, they can be expelled from the site.

In addition, the resident does not need to be angry with his neighbor. Just contact the doorman and ask him to let you know about the noise and discomfort.

5. Maintenance of common areas

Taking care of a garden, a swimming pool or even a ballroom is a lot of work – and costs a lot of money. Therefore, when we see a poorly maintained house, with a yard in very bad condition, it is possible that that owner does not have the time or money to carry out the proper maintenance.

In a condominium, this situation is rarer. Firstly, because there are professionals hired to perform this care. The presence of a caretaker is essential to keep everything clean and organized so that visitors are delighted with the place.

Another important point is the presence of the liquidator. This resident assumes the obligation to inspect the maintenance of the internal spaces of the condominium. Therefore, if the garden is not properly maintained if the pool is not clean and the common areas are not ready to be used, the residents have someone to complain about.

This also applies to security maintenance, such as elevators and equipment, such as surveillance cameras. Some of them, even, must be made periodically – and recorded in the condominium book, in addition to generating receipts that need to be presented to other residents. All in a transparent and secure way.

6. More control over housing costs

If you still have doubts about how much it costs to live in a closed condominium, know that the values ​​of the differentiated services are shared, for this reason such expenses are paid by the tenants generating benefits for all. The costs that can be divided are those directed to the following structures and services:

  • safety;
  • cleaning;
  • playground maintenance;
  • sports court;
  • pool;
  • garden;
  • shared gym;
  • party room;
  • steam room;
  • playroom.

These closed condominium costs will be shared among the tenants. Already in a house built in a conventional way, all expenses with maintenance and renovations that need to be carried out are borne by a single owner, which ends up costing more.

7. Opportunity to be part of a neighborhood

Another advantage of living in a closed condominium is that these places stimulate the feeling of community. In addition to the common spaces that are divided, it is normal for there to be events where the locals meet for happy hours and family parties. An interesting point for those who have children is the fact that children will make new friends, a very important factor for their social development.

Life in a closed condominium becomes lighter for everyone, as you just have to leave the house and look to the side that you will find help in times of difficulty. Some of the situations that happen on a daily basis and that can be remedied with the attention of the neighboring neighbors are:

  • assistance in changing a lamp or shower;
  • it helps when catching a pet that has run away;
  • missing food loan.

Living in a metropolis means that people are not able to form bonds of friendship with ease. Therefore, it is very good to live in a  closed condominium, considering that the collectivity and the proximity of people make everyone create affinities and develop the feeling of community.

8. Increased quality of life

Everyone wants to live in places where there is comfort and quality of life. This is another positive point for those who choose to live in houses located within closed condominiums, they will possibly have access to:

  • ample leisure facilities;
  • the area for planting vegetables and fruits;
  • to small lakes or fountains.

For those who like nature, living in a closed condominium is a great option, since in the late afternoon it is possible to take a walk among the trees. The condominium owner can take a walk aware that he will be safe, which guarantees the quality of life of the residents.

As we have seen, living in a condominium has many advantages. If you are thinking of buying your own home, keep an eye on the condos in your city. All of these benefits serve to value the investment,  helping the buyer to sell or rent the property in the future.

Anyway, now that you know these advantages and how much it costs to live in a closed condominium, you can buy a property of this type with a good structure for leisure and the possibility of saving at the end of the month. Purchasing such a property is an excellent opportunity.

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