What is the difference between a realtor and a real estate consultant?

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The real estate market generates millions of jobs. Civil construction alone employed more than 2 million Brazilians in 2017, according to a report by  Correio Braziliense. The brokers, on the other hand, total more than  500 thousand professionals.

You may be wondering what is the difference between a realtor and a real estate consultant since there is a large volume of professionals working in the field. Believe me, these terms are not synonymous.

To help you understand the differences, we will explain the performance of each professional! Read through and find out if you want to be a real estate broker or consultant.


The work of the realtor

The broker is the professional who searches for properties and people interested in buying them. There are many business opportunities in all cities, but it is impossible for those outside the real estate market to find them. This is one of the missions of this professional.

In addition, buying a house, land or apartment requires the fulfillment of some bureaucratic requirements. The broker  guides his clients  on the steps that must be taken in order to:

  • issue certificates;
  • pay taxes.

Therefore, the broker needs to know the national real estate legislation and the city in which he operates. Being able to explain the details of a property to the visitor, making them understand particularities and feeling interested in the purchase is also part of the broker’s job.

This professional has to know well what he sells, because the client will question him. If your argument is not satisfactory, the deal may not be closed.

Finally, we can include in the list of activities of the broker the need to know his client, so that he offers that person what he needs. All of this serves to ensure that the consumer is not disappointed in the visit, as the success of a sale depends on it.

All of this knowledge is acquired in the classroom. For the broker to act in the market,  he needs to be certified by the Regional Council of Realtors (CRECI) of his state. One of the requirements for obtaining registration is to take a course linked to the real estate market. Among these courses are:

  • Technical Course in Real Estate Transactions;
  • Technical Course in Real Estate Business.

Some people believe that the broker’s role is to sell real estate as if he were a mere salesman. This would be true if a house, land or apartment was a simple product. As we know, it is not.

The broker who wants to succeed in the profession needs to be empathetic, understanding that the client must buy the best property possible, one that really meets their demands.

Thus, for such professionals, success is not achieved by forcing a sale to hit personal goals, but it is something achieved due to the fact that it helps a person to achieve their life goals.


How to be an excellent realtor?

To become an excellent realtor it is essential to invest in career planning. The first step to be taken by those who want to work in the area is to enroll in a professional realtor course. The duration of a course in this area is from 10 months to four years. The stipulated time for training depends on the chosen modality.

All broker courses require an internship in real estate to obtain a diploma. Therefore, after completing these two stages, taking the course and internship, it is possible to apply for registration with CRECI (Regional Council of Realtors).

As soon as he is authorized to work in the business, the broker who is starting his career must plan his professional life. Nobody becomes an overnight broker, as this is a job that requires dedication and effort to be successful. The more time passes and the better the professional’s service, the more recognized he will be, thus conquering his space more and more.

The realtor needs to focus on carrying out his activities. A good option is to advertise on social media and other media. Thus, the tendency is to increase the number of customers more and more. Some of the steps to become an excellent professional in this field are:

  • bet on good service;
  • take courses and improve by conducting training;
  • understand what customers want;
  • establish possible goals to be achieved;
  • increase availability;
  • invest in digital marketing.

By following all these tips, it is possible to increase the chances of success in this profession.


The work of the real estate consultant

Usually, we think of buying real estate as the realization of the dream of owning a home, don’t we? However, buying a property is also a financial investment.

Just as there are specialists in company shares, in pension or fixed-income funds, there are also professionals specialized in the real estate market as an investment. They are real estate consultants.

A real estate consultant should have the experience of a realtor, but the reverse is not necessary. This professional must be aware of any factor capable of impacting the market, for example:

  • changes in the basic interest rate;
  • high of the Dollar;
  • policy changes;
  • investments by large construction companies.

The consultant needs to be well informed and be able to interpret this data, generating an analysis, since in this way, he will be able to guide investors, real estate companies and construction companies on what each of them must do to make the best investment.

The consultant must also understand what forms the value of a property. Among the issues that must be observed by the real estate professional are:

  • the architecture of a property;
  • your interior design project;
  • embedded properties;
  • the localization.

All of these points are factors that contribute to purchase becoming a good financial investment. The real estate consultant who wants to be successful must understand these aspects, as they may go unnoticed by the buyer. It is the role of this professional to alert you to risks and opportunities that the client did not notice.

For this reason, it is common for professionals from the most diverse areas to act as real estate consultants, economists, architects and entrepreneurs in the field of civil construction. In this way, many of them manage to bring their experience to a new market, offering consultancy.

There are many types of clients that invest in the real estate market, from large companies that buy land or construction companies to those that buy small houses for the construction of new models of real estate. It is up to the consultant to be attentive to the opportunities that the city where he operates has to offer.

How to be a real estate consultant?

If you want to become a real estate consultant, you must analyze your clients’ needs. One of the easiest examples to understand is that some customers, such as construction companies, may want to invest in the construction of shopping malls, while others may want to build an apartment.

After knowing what your client wants, you need to do some research on the subject. For this it is important to take some actions, such as:

  • talk with people;
  • read about it;
  • know the region.

After doing all these things, it is necessary to gather the information, carry out the analyzes and identify the scenarios, in order to have a broader view of the situation. This allows the real estate consultant to inform which are the most interesting points of each option. Among the services of these professionals are the following activities:

  • present real estate;
  • analyze statistics;
  • examine contracts.

Remember that having good negotiation skills is very important for those who work in this area.

Understanding the difference

As we have seen,  real estate agents and real estate consultants are different professionals. Some people use the term “consultant” because they believe it brings more credibility. Avoid falling into this fad, because it creates confusion among customers. Whenever possible, explain the difference to help strengthen the two professions.

In addition, there is a risk of trivializing the term, causing it to lose relevance and sound foreign to the client’s ears.

A difference between a realtor and a real estate consultant is the way they are paid. The broker receives a commission for the sale made. On the other hand, the consultant can earn by consulting, receive a fixed salary or commission for his results, etc.

A broker can become a great consultant, as with each new day of work, he becomes more experienced. In addition, there are many courses available on the market that can help you become a more complete professional.

A tip to become an excellent real estate consultant: define a niche of performance, as this will make you specialize and understand a lot about a certain market.

Is it possible to be a real estate agent and consultant?

The answer to such a question is yes. It is possible for a broker to act as a real estate consultant, but a real estate consultant cannot act as a broker without being registered with CRECI. In addition, the daily lives of these professionals are different.

The realtor assists clients in the process of buying, selling and renting real estate. The real estate consultant analyzes the regions and types of properties that are up and down in a given period.

Now that you know the difference between a realtor and a real estate consultant, you must have realized that there are many possibilities to operate in the market, right? Understanding real estate is nothing monotonous, plastered and ending in a formation. There is always something new. So, be aware.


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