4 Essential Tips for Selling Real Estate

Selling Real Estate

When we put something up for sale, we want to “get rid” of it as soon as possible. The apartment is no different! Especially if it is a stopped property that is only giving an expense. However, to sell a property it is necessary to have a strategy and not rely only on luck. So you should consider some points and see if it will be harmful or good for your business.

Price and Value

First, let’s think about the difference between price and value, as the price will be the same for all possible customers. The value, however, does not.


Price (numeric): R $ 600,000.00

Valor (sentimental): House that belonged to my parents, in which I was born; neighborhood I studied; house painted in my parents’ favorite color, etc.

The value varies according to you, the price does not. You cannot put a price that is not in the average of your location, because if this happens, it will affect the sale. Nor can it be based on your value, as the next owner will not have the same values ​​as you. That is, research the price that is being practiced in your neighborhood and place it close. It seems obvious, but it is not always put into practice.

To help you get an average, search for the same type of property, located in your region, over the internet.


Remember: the value of the other may be less than the price you are asking, so consider listening to a counter offer. With the housing market recovering, it is not time to close the door on slightly lower values ​​than you are asking, as the neighbor will be able to accept the value of the potential buyer.

Remember, too, that we must often give up cash, accepting financing, for example. The release of the money normally occurs in 45 days, which may be better than refusing the sale.

First impression

“I’m going to make the house beautiful for the buyer’s first visit!” If you think like that, it’s time to rethink. The customer will only close the purchase of a property if he sees himself inside. And for that you should always give him a good impression. Not only on the first visit, not just on the last.

For this good impression, it is recommended to leave the property in perfect clean condition, as no one imagines living in a dirty place. If it is empty, avoid leaving the wires exposed, as the potential buyer may not like the environment due to small details like this. He doesn’t want to imagine himself living in a place where his hair has fallen down.

Do not spend a truckload of money on renovations, because in addition to stress, you may end up touching something that the future buyer would not touch. Simply paint it white. You don’t want to hit the color your customer doesn’t like, do you?

Advertising is the way

First have good images of the property, because regardless of the place that will be advertised, your property needs to win over others who are in the same place. To help in this part, we created an Infographic. Click here and learn how to take good photos to advertise your property.



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