Ebook – Practical manual on how to choose your property safely and securely


1. Introduction

To help you understand what steps a person must take until they receive the keys to their new home, CrediPronto decided to publish this e-book.

The chapters are covered in the form of topics and you can read them independently. This material can also be accessed by your cell phone, in order to facilitate consultation anywhere.

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2. Location of the property

The address of a house or apartment goes far beyond a feature linked to correspondence.  The location impacts the residents’ routine from the first day they live in the property.

In addition, this is one of the factors that will most influence the appreciation of the purchase. This is important to ensure the financial protection of the investor, since he can decide to sell his property, when receiving a good proposal for it. Understand more about the following topics:

2.1 Public transport and transit

Determine the challenges you will face with getting around in your future neighborhood.

2.2 Access to public and private services

Better than using public transport is being able to do things on foot. Living in a neighborhood well supplied by various shops makes the routine of the resident easier and more enjoyable.

3. Structural aspects

After assessing the neighborhood, anyone who wants to invest in real estate needs to analyze all the structural aspects of the property.   Understand more about the following topics as damage to the structure may require major renovations and deteriorate your furniture.

3.1 Hydraulic installations

3.2 Electrical installations

3.3 Property plan

3.4 Fire exits

3.5 Windows and doors

4. Documentation and payment methods

Investing in the purchase of a property can be simpler than you think, as long as there is financial planning. In order to get a good real estate financing, it  is necessary to be careful with the name, avoiding default. See in this chapter all the documents necessary to finance your property.

4.1 Buyer documents

The buyer must present simple copies of his personal documents. Therefore, if you have lost any documents, please provide a duplicate immediately. This is also true for people who have married or divorced and will need to change their name.

4.2 Property Documents

To ensure that the property is in legal condition, the seller must provide a number of documents.

4.3 Salesperson documents

In order to prove that he has legal authority to sell a house, land or apartment, the seller must present a series of negative certificates. A negative certificate is a document issued by a government agency that proves that there are no financial or procedural pending issues for the individual, company or property.

4.4 Documentation cost

The cost of documentation represents up to 8% of the total negotiation. If you use a loan, it is possible to include this burden in the loan. However, it is important to know the source of these costs.

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5. Conclusion

Although some steps just seem to get in the way of negotiation, remember that they exist to protect your interests as a consumer. That is why it is important that the buyer of the property is attentive to all stages, not everything depends on the financial services, it is a process that involves other entities.

6. about CrediPronto

Itaú, the largest financial institution in the southern hemisphere, and Lopes, the largest real estate company in Brazil, have come together to bring an innovative concept: offering the real estate financing you need. That was how CrediPronto came about. The only company specialized in real estate financing consultancy in the country. Know all the benefits and see why you should finance your property with CrediPronto.



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