How to boost the sale of real estate with social networks?

social networks

Social networks are part of the daily lives of consumers and the broker should take advantage of this flow to enhance the sale of real estate. Several steps of the sales funnel can be carried out or improved on these sites, from the real estate offer, real estate information to after-sales customer service.

Even though they are seen as villains of productivity, when used well, social media helps with brand engagement, consumer recognition and increased sales. With a few tips, it is possible to leverage the credibility and visibility of the real estate agent or broker, resulting in even more success in the sale of real estate.

How to choose which social networks to use? 

Currently, there are several social networks and each one was born with a purpose. For the real estate sector, some are more recommended and can be good channels for the realtor to use. The main and most used today are:

  • Facebook: it is currently the largest social network and it is estimated that 45% of the Brazilian population access the platform at least once a month. For the sale of real estate, it is possible to create a page for your real estate agent or even for the broker and use it to advertise properties and related content. In addition, it is possible to answer questions from consumers and create groups for those interested in the real estate sector.
  • Instagram: it is used primarily for publishing images and has integration with Facebook. Through hashtags, it is possible to segment the publications and search for what is of interest. To get more out of Instagram, photograph the properties for sale and disseminate the images with the platform, always with some form of contact.
  • LinkedIn: This social network is generally used for professional contacts. It is possible to maintain connections with other realtors, give tips on the market and advertise job vacancies.

There are several social networks that can be used in the sale of real estate. However, the three mentioned above are the most relevant. Twitter also has many profiles and daily accesses, however, it is considered a mini diary, with a limitation of 140 characters in the messages and, therefore, it is not as efficient in the real estate market. It is worth researching other options and deciding which ones best fit your business before investing time in all of them.

How to use social networks?

Not everyone knows how to use social media professionally and this can interfere with the results of efforts put into such a marketing technique. With some tips, it is possible to learn some tricks to use this means of communication in the sale of real estate.

Social media calls for a more informal tone in posts, but that does not mean being free to make mistakes or use slang. Always cherish good writing and avoid entering into polarized discussions such as economics or politics.

Remember that the page should reflect the company’s values.

Always try to answer any and all questions that arise in the comments or by private message. Never leave a prospect unanswered and avoid deleting negative comments.

Take advantage of all the possibilities that social media offers such as photos, videos and live streams. However, make sure that such content is relevant to your audience and increases page engagement.


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