How to Reverse Customer Objections in Real Estate Sales


The real estate market is no different than the others when it comes to reversing customer objections. Hearing a negative answer is the most common to happen and the magic is in knowing how to react in this situation.

Instead of seeing the end of the negotiation, the “no” should be seen as an opportunity to present new differentials of the property and discover the reasons that are preventing the purchase.

But beware! Care must be taken that the argument does not exceed the limits and ends up looking like an uncomfortable insistence. Do you want to know how to identify the extent to which trying to reverse the objections? Check out our tips!

Know the main objections of the real estate market

Identifying the most common objections when selling property allows the broker to know how to anticipate the arguments.

Price, property characteristics, real estate services, comparison with other options in the market and the effective value of the offer are the most common.

In the case of price, for example, the client is convinced that the value negotiated is fair due to the conditions of the property, but believes he is not able to afford the expense.

In this case, if the broker offers an advantageous and without bureaucratic real estate financing, the objection will be overcome. When preparing solutions and arguments that are really efficient, the chances of circumventing the challenges are much greater.

Be safe to reverse objections

Confidence in your arguments is credible, and it is not uncommon for many customer objections to be related to their insecurities.

If he is not sure that the advantages of the property are sufficient for him, it will create a negative. Likewise, if you think the price is too high and you will not be able to manage it, you will raise another objection.

To deal with such feelings, fears and insecurities, the trustworthy posture of the broker is paramount. In addition, as it is a complex sale, which involves a large financial commitment, it is necessary to demonstrate knowledge and security in relation to the legal processes of the purchase of real estate.

Hear what the customer really means

As stated, customer objections do not always represent their disputes literally. They can criticize the year of construction of the property, when in fact they do not want to have concerns about constant maintenance.

Paying attention to what the customer is trying to say, the broker can offer the necessary information to answer your questions about the purchase. In this case, mentioning recent renovations to the property’s structure would be the ideal solution.

Know what the customer is looking for

Before offering any option in the market, do detailed research on what the client is looking for, how much he is willing to invest, elements that are priorities, items that would value the business and any additional information that can contribute to a selection of properties in the drawn profile.

Demonstrating this care when curating demonstrates knowledge of the market and commitment to customer satisfaction. In other words, it is preventive work to avoid objections.

Know all the characteristics of the property

In addition to researching the needs and desires of customers, it is necessary to know, in detail, the characteristics of the properties that are part of the broker’s options chart.

So, visit the places without customers, take photos, study the region, and consider the different types of buyers who could buy it and what are the facilities in the region. This will help to make reservations for customer disputes.

Reversing objections is one of the routines of every realtor, and even if the first ones are difficult to deal with, the practice will make the professional more and more specialized.


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