Marketing and sales: the strategic use of Instagram in the real estate market


Instagram has been an excellent tool for marketing and sales in real estate. The application allows brokers and real estate owners to share photos, videos and texts as a way to offer their work like park view city . It is also very useful for customers who are looking for properties in a professional, free and easy to use way.

According to the G1 portal, the social network has more than doubled in two years, and today exceeds 500 million monthly active users on the platform. This corresponds to a share of 35 million Brazilians, making Instagram an important technology for those who want to attract a greater number of customers.

But it is not enough to just create the account, it is necessary to use strategies to obtain new business. Therefore, we have separated for you some tips that will help you stand out through Instagram in the real estate market. Check out!

Optimize your profile

Optimize your profile by creating a real estate account or your professional profile as a real estate broker. It is important that the name of your profile on the social network matches that of your business. In addition, using your company’s slogan or a photo with a professional attitude will ensure greater credibility, representing professionalism, as it is your image before customers and partners.

Another way to optimize the use of the network is to follow the right profiles based on some criteria. Search for people who are interested in the real estate market by searching the followers of other similar profiles, checking which users are most active and enjoying or commenting on the publications. That way, it will spark their interest in following you back.

But stay tuned to keep them on your social network. Knowing what to post is critical to success. Give cool tips, explanations about financing or other issues that generate doubts for customers, post photos well taken to attract users’ attention and don’t forget to always add a form of contact.

Integrate your social networks

Connect your Instagram profile with the other social networks of your business, such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Tumblr. In this way, it will encourage its followers to follow their other interaction channels as well, in addition to gaining new customers who do not yet know their profile.

Also, take advantage of the biography space and insert your phone, email, and links from your other networks, mainly from your personal website.

Use hashtags

Hashtags (#) allow a quick search bringing all the results mentioned by them, is a great way to attract the right people. So be aware of the hashtags of the moment. Make use of those related to the real estate sector. Here are some examples:

# Property # Real Estate Financing # Real Estate # Realtor # Real Estate # Real Estate Market # Own Home

Interact with your followers

Always respond to your followers’ comments and don’t forget to mention them using @profildousuário. Interaction with customers intensifies the results of your business.

And keep in mind: always be there. Inactive profiles fall into oblivion, leading to a possible loss of followers. Keep a good frequency of posts, but be careful not to post at all times and make the profile tiring, which can also cause customers to stop following you, and may even block you.

Following these tips, chances are great that you will have greater prominence in the real estate sector and strengthen your brand in the market.

And now that you have learned about the strategic use of Instagram in the real estate market, how about also understanding the benefits of mobile marketing?


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