Online broker: 5 necessary precautions on social networks

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In view of the high competitiveness of the real estate sector, any professional in the industry who longs for success needs to bet on differentials to win and retain customers. Within this context, acting as an online broker has become essential, especially due to the popularization of the internet.

They are also a place where you can undermine your credibility if you don’t act with caution.

Check out the content below and learn how to prevent this from happening!

The main social networks for the online broker


Facebook is the biggest of all social networks and, therefore, cannot be overlooked by the online broker. On the website, it is possible to create a fanpage and, in this space, strengthen contact with customers and publish content related to the real estate segment, among other things.


Instagram has been gaining a lot of space worldwide – and Brazil is not out of this trend. This social network is more focused on the visual side, with the publication of photographs and videos, which can be very useful when presenting your property list and the main details of a property.


LinkedIn is a social network geared towards the professional side and can be the perfect environment for you to increase your networking, enabling contacts with other brokers and real estate agents.


On Youtube, which is exclusive for videos, you can bet on advertisements for your services or your real estate portfolio or even create a channel and talk about the real estate market, if you have the skills to do so.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world right now, and you shouldn’t give it up when dealing with your customers. It allows not only the instant exchange of messages but also the sending of files and even documents.

Necessary care on social networks

1. Don’t make mistakes in Portuguese

One of the worst mistakes you can’t make on social media is to sin in Portuguese. Although this is very common in this type of media, it is a flaw that takes away a lot of credibility and even authority from professionals. As the real estate market is a sector that involves high values, confidence is essential.

2. Take care of your image

It is also important to take care of your image on social networks, taking the necessary precautions not to post very informal photos or content that can generate controversy, such as religious opinions or about football teams. The ideal is to be impartial and respectful at all times, in order to prevent you from losing customers unnecessarily.

3. Respond effectively

If one of the advantages of social networks is precisely its dynamics, responding effectively is essential to take full advantage of this benefit. Don’t keep the customer waiting and try to check your media at least once a day.

4. Use good photos

Do not be tempted to take advantage of the practicality of your cell phone, for example, to take photographs of the properties in low resolution, as this can cause customers to simply lose interest in the property. Try to use, if possible, professional material or at least close to that.

5. Describe in detail

Also, take advantage of this space to provide a detailed description of the properties – including the neighborhood where the unit is located and its surroundings -, placing all items that can arouse people’s interest.


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