Real estate financing: myths and truths

Real estate financing

You have probably heard a lot about decreasing benefits, use of FGTS, endless bureaucracy and that can get even worse according to the income of those who are interested in buying a property, among other issues directly related to real estate financing. But is everything true? In this post you will understand the myths and truths of real estate financing and what you must know in order to win over your customers.

Financing a property is a very bureaucratic procedure

This, in most cases, can be considered a myth, but how? It is necessary that, before anything, all the requested documentation must be provided, which can make the process slow and time consuming. Thus, when the list of documents is passed on to the person interested in acquiring a property, he must be aware that the ease of the process depends on him, since if he presents all the required documents, everything will flow quite easily.

All installments of real estate financing are decreasing

In the case of the SAC table (Constant Amortization System) this is true. In this modality, the installments will start with a certain amount and, over time, there will be small reductions. At the end of the payment of the loans, these installments may be equivalent to half of the initial amount of what was paid.

This is because the debit balance is being amortized and the incidence of interest on these amounts is lower, which also leaves the amount to be paid substantially less.

Anyone can get a mortgage

Despite growing policies to democratize access to credit, this is still a myth. In addition to questions related to the required documentation, there are those related to the compromise of the income of those who want to finance.

In some banks it is not possible to finance 100% of the value of the property and the buyer who has no proof of income or who has the necessary difference for the purchase of the home will not be able to obtain the amount for purchase.

Caixa Econômica Federal is the best option for real estate financing

Currently, several institutions have advantageous credit access programs for the purchase of a property. But despite the diversification, saying that Caixa Econômica Federal is still the best option is a myth. This is because the best institution to finance a property is one that manages to make life easier for the client and interest rates are basically the same among financial institutions.

This is so true that buying a property from another institution other than Caixa can be more advantageous due to the reduction of bureaucracy or easier access to higher-priced properties, of the medium and high standard. Therefore, it is necessary to check your profile and the property you want to acquire to get the financial institution right.

The property is always valued and is a good investment

In some cases, such as those with very high inflation, this information is a myth. It is also verified that a property may depreciate due to the economic and political situation of the country or if the region in which it is installed undergoes some degradation process. However, most of the time, what really happens is appreciation.

It is also a myth to say that a property is always a good investment because if you need money, it is not always easy to convert the fixed amount into cash effectively, which can lead to liquidity problems, for example.



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