Sales goals: 5 tips to help brokers define

Sales goals

Knowing how much you must sell in order to have satisfactory results is one of the most important factors in a real estate broker’s career. The problem is that not all professionals in the field know how to set these sales goals correctly, confusing what would be ideal or not.

To solve this, we created a post with 5 essential tips to help real estate agents to define clearer and more objective goals, facilitating their reach with quality. Check out!

1. Check the results history

Every company must record and store its previous results for consultation and accountability to the Government (taxes). This recorded history has a rich source of information that will help you create more realistic and achievable goals.

Check the sales records made in the previous months, as well as in the same periods of the previous year, to identify the average sales for each period. Take the opportunity to identify periods of inertia and adopt strategic measures to overcome them with excellence.

2. Analyze the market and the economy

It is good to remember that the analysis of past sales alone will not be enough to set concise goals. The economy and the market are constantly changing, which can have a positive or negative influence on the company’s sales potential.

This requires a deeper and more detailed analysis of the current situation to include in your goal, either increasing or reducing it. For this reason, look for websites that specialize in politics and economics and get in the habit of visiting them frequently.

3. Identify resources

The next step to take to set more accurate sales goals is to consider the resources you have at your disposal to work with.

They can be tools (online or offline) with features that facilitate day-to-day work, faster means of transportation, more efficient ways of communicating with the company and clients, real estate financing more suited to the needs of the client and the broker etc.

It may not seem like it, but these resources positively influence results, enabling the creation of daring goals!

4. Project results

Based on all this information collected, project possible results for the coming months. The ideal is to consider a small percentage of increase in goals – beyond what is possible – to stimulate additional efforts and grow in the profession of the broker. In this way, you will always be valued for the evolutionary results that you will bring to the company you work for.

5. Review the plan

And don’t think that the job will be finished when setting the sales goals! You also need to monitor the results, always comparing what has been achieved with what is still missing to reach the goal. This habit will help you to not deviate from planning and stay focused on results.

As new results emerge, review the planning for the coming months, repeating the goal-setting cycle from the beginning. The effort may be great, but you will always be on top of everything that happens in your segment. In addition, the results will be worth the effort!

Better than setting more realistic sales goals is achieving them. This will be a key factor for you to achieve success in the real estate profession. So, consider offering a financing modality that streamlines the credit analysis processes and the release of loans and financing for your customers.

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