What is Facebook marketing and types

What is Facebook marketing and types

Facebook marketing may be boiled down to the various goals you wish to achieve. It all comes down to reach, how many people see your ad, and how many people click on it. Facebook is capable of doing both.

Formats for Facebook ads

The ad forms you can utilize are determined by your marketing goal.

Your goal may have an impact on where your adverts appear (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network).


Images of your product or brand are recommended.


In the News Feed, adding movement to your adverts might help them stand out.

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Carousel ads include up to ten images or videos, each with its own link, in a single ad.

Instant Gratification

Instant Experience is a full-screen experience that appears when a mobile user taps your ad. To visually emphasize your business, products, or services, create an Instant Experience.


When someone interacts with the collection format, it opens as an Instant Experience with several products. Customers may use their phones to explore, browse, and buy things in a visual and engaging way.