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What is Facebook marketing and types

What is Facebook marketing and types

Facebook marketing may be boiled down to the various goals you wish to achieve. It all comes down to reach, how many people see your ad, and how many people click on it. Facebook is capable of doing both. Formats for Facebook ads The ad forms you can utilize are determined by your marketing goal. […]

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blood pressure
Striction BP

How much does StrictionBP cost? Is it Worth the Effort?

Anyone can be a victim of depression and anxiety, and especially in today’s society, it comes naturally so the treatment should be natural as well. In this regard a big pharma a big name in the field launches the Striction BP and How much does StrictionBP cost? is the next question. If you are one […]

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Active Prospecting: Outbound Marketing vs Traditional Sales

Active Prospecting has always been seen as an area that depends exclusively on talent. The processes were impossible to replicate as they depended on the salespeople’s ability to generate rapport, overcome obstacles, and master the greatest number of closing techniques that existed. Particularly in Brazil, this is very bad. With this barrier to the evolution of the commercial area, […]

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Networking for real estate agents: learn how to expand your network of contacts!

Social resourcefulness is certainly one of the essential skills to become a good real estate agent. After all, unlike other types of sellers, the realtor is not only concerned with concluding a deal – he needs to develop a relationship of trust with the owners to ensure the delivery of the keys. Fairs, partnerships and even […]

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6 tips to get credit quickly approved in home financing

Anyone who has faced the process of housing finance is well aware that it can be slow if they do not have the right information in order to have the credit approved. A series of documents comes together, and there comes a lot more requests from the financial institution to complement the analysis! If you […]

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Sales goals

Sales goals: 5 tips to help brokers define

Knowing how much you must sell in order to have satisfactory results is one of the most important factors in a real estate broker’s career. The problem is that not all professionals in the field know how to set these sales goals correctly, confusing what would be ideal or not. To solve this, we created a […]

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Marketing RealEstate Sales

Marketing and sales: the strategic use of Instagram in the real estate market

Instagram has been an excellent tool for marketing and sales in real estate. The application allows brokers and real estate owners to share photos, videos and texts as a way to offer their work like park view city . It is also very useful for customers who are looking for properties in a professional, free […]

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social networks

Online broker: 5 necessary precautions on social networks

In view of the high competitiveness of the real estate sector, any professional in the industry who longs for success needs to bet on differentials to win and retain customers. Within this context, acting as an online broker has become essential, especially due to the popularization of the internet. They are also a place where you […]

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Property RealEstate

Ebook – Practical manual on how to choose your property safely and securely

1. Introduction To help you understand what steps a person must take until they receive the keys to their new home, CrediPronto decided to publish this e-book. The chapters are covered in the form of topics and you can read them independently. This material can also be accessed by your cell phone, in order to facilitate […]

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Selling Real Estate
RealEstate Sales

4 Essential Tips for Selling Real Estate

When we put something up for sale, we want to “get rid” of it as soon as possible. The apartment is no different! Especially if it is a stopped property that is only giving an expense. However, to sell a property it is necessary to have a strategy and not rely only on luck. So you should consider some points […]

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